Friday, November 2, 2018

"'Geometry' means the 'measure of the Earth'. [After the flooding of the Nile once a year], the Egyptians would order the land again for agriculture, re-defining its boundaries. This work was seen as the re-establishment of the principle of order and law on earth. Also, The Temple astronomer might say that certain celestial configurations had changed so that the orientation or location of a Temple had to be adjusted accordingly. So, the laying of the squares upon the Earth had, for Egyptian, a metaphysical as well as physical and social dimension". (Rober Lawlord, 6:1982)

Ancient philosophers considered the patterns of nature, the Universe and music as basics to understanding life and its meaning fully, and to apply those laws in our everyday life, wether it was for building Temples, or healing, or governing... As described in Lawlord's book, the ancient Egyptians and then the Greeks knew, through observation and practice that certain angles occurring between stars would produce certain frequencies that were either favourable or not for certain activities on Earth. In Astrology, there exists challenging or disagreeable vibrations produced by "oppositions" or "quadrant" angles between planets, and agreeable of more positive vibrational relationships between planets when they are in conjunction, in a trine or sextile. i can tell you, personally, having studied my astrological chart over almost my whole life, that this is very very true!

The same can be observed in music. There are harmonic and non-harmonic frequencies between two or more notes. Not only that, but each note, with its own vibrational frequency can be related to frequencies found on planets and in our bodies!

I have chosen two geometric shapes, the Pentagram and the Hexagram (also related to the "Seed of Life") for my cards and bookmarks.

The Pentagram represents the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water plus Spirit or Psyche. Therefore, in many religions and spiritual paths it represents the Human Being which has all those 5 elements in him/her. It is also the beginning of a new level of consciousness whereby man, through voluntary suffering and struggles, evolves into a better being, creating within him a finer energy and understanding of his/her place on Earth and the universe. It is also related to the planet Venus as it is the shape Venues and the Earth make in 8 years around the Sun.

The Hexagram, made out of two equilateral triangles juxtaposed, and from which the "Seed of life" comes from, represents the complete harmony and consummation of Spirit  and the Earthly energies. It also represents the harmony between the female/water aspects of life with the male/fiery aspects of life. "In the Hindus religion, the hexagram is called Shatkona, and is equivalent to the symbolism in ritual magic. The shatkona is the combination of the Shiva kona (trikona, triangle), the symbol of God Shiva, representing the element of fire, and the Sahkti kona, representing the element of water. Together, they represent the union of the male and female, and the heart chakra" (

There is more information of the "Seed of like", which is the cornerstone of the "Flower of Life" here 

Now, even if we don't know anything about ancient philosophy or science, we can come across these wonders through observation... through looking at nature itself ..... All those patterns on flowers and crystals; the size of the Sun and the Moon being the same seen from planet Earth; or the pattern of day and night... or the symmetry of our bodies! :)

Have you ever wondered why there are those patterns in nature, that are so precise and geometric and seem to reappear also in the Universe? Take the five petal flower for example. A five "petal" shape is also made by Venus around the Earth every 8 years...Did you know that? And...why do we human beings have 5 fingers and 5 extremities (including our head)?

Why do bees make exact hexagonal-shape "houses" to store their honey? It couldn't be another way because that is the best way to store the largest possible amount of honey using the least amount of wax (it takes them 8 ounces of honey to be consume to make 1 ounce of wax...a lot of hard work!). So, this shape seem to be the most energy efficient for them. Plus, it seems to be very space efficient and adaptable inside the hive. It wouldn't be so adaptable if it was a square or a triangle for example.

The hexagon is also a shape rocks and crystals can have. Have you seem the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland? Have a look! Isn't that amazing what nature can create!?

All these wonders inspired me into making printing designs made out of linocut and ink (which I love doing, ever since I was about 10, I loved carving on wood and lino but only got back to it recently!)

So, if you like the cards and bookmarks I make, which can be of many different colours and backgrounds, let me know and I can custom make them for you! There are some already made (like the ones you see here) which I can send you right away. Otherwise, contact me on and tell me which colours you would like that cards to be. You need to allow a few days for me to make them and send them to you. It takes about 5 to 7 days overall.

Thanks for visiting! I will be keeping you posted with more information about the wonderful and magical world of Sacred Geometry!



PS: Look at this! Just bumped into this recently on FB. Definitely not a coincidence :) Geometric shapes found on musical notes vibrating on water...or, water cells after each note was played... Beautiful...


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